Multi-objective Local Search algorithms

Palestrante: Vitor Nazário Coelho


Vitor Nazário Coelho finished his PhD in the area of mini/microgrid systems optimization. During his 8 years experience designing and implementing metaheuristics, he has been tackling several different NP-Hard Combinatorial Optimization problems. He already visited more than 45 countries and did part of his studies in 4 different countries (Brazil, Spain, England and Israel). The research groups that he has been inserted has been releasing open-source codes, designing novel tools for using metaheuristic algorithms, as well as developing the optimization framework OptFrame.

Conteúdo da palestra:

In this talk, Vitor will introduce some trajectory search algorithms. In order to understand the concept, neighborhood structures and exploration techniques will be explained and discussed. A brief history about metaheuristics algorithms, embedded with local search capabilities, will also be taken into account. Finally, some combinatorial optimization problems will be considered. In particular, he will point out open challenges in the field of Mini/Microgrid systems for Renewable Energy Resources integration, which will be part of the hearth of the future smart cities.